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• 11/8/2018

dreamer antonio = prentiss's coworker oliver?

hi! i realised listening to ep 32 (hive) that the oliver jane mentions is very probably 'antonio blake' from ep 11 (dreamer).

- oliver works with jane in the "good energies spiritual supplies shop"

- 'antonio blake' states "i now work selling crystals and tarot cards in a “magic” shop”

- in the follow-up to ep 11 tim has apparently confirmed that 'antonio blake' is a fake name

- the oliver mentioned by jane in ep 32 seemed to always look at her with sadness, and then, once, with fear.

- 'antonio' sees people who are about to die in his dreamscape, and would probably look at jane sadly if he recognised her from the dream. the fear could either be because of whatever jane did during her breakdown at work, or it could be because she was still walking around even after she'd apparently 'died' in the dream

i'm sure people have made this connection before, but i couldn't find it anywhere on the wikia and was wondering if it should be added to the page for either episode 11 (as it provides possible insight into 'antonio''s identity) or episode 32, and if so, whether that should be in a subsection on the episode page for 'theories' or 'connections to other episodes' or something. or is there a special page for unconfirmed connections that i'm unaware of that these things could be added to?


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• 7/14/2018

Did Micheal kill the builder's father from the episode 'burned out'?

After listening to season one I noticed that the schizophrenic father of the builder mentioned a man with all the bones in his hands not wanting him to continue his work and then he ends up dead. Later Sasha meets Micheal who has all the bones in his hands. It's probably the same thing but is it the thing that killed the schizophrenic?
Did Micheal kill the builder's schizophrenic father?
  • Yes Micheal killed him
  • No it was a different aspect of the spiral
  • No it's something other than the man with all the bones in his hands
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• 12/2/2016
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