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• 7/14/2018

Did Micheal kill the builder's father from the episode 'burned out'?

After listening to season one I noticed that the schizophrenic father of the builder mentioned a man with all the bones in his hands not wanting him to continue his work and then he ends up dead. Later Sasha meets Micheal who has all the bones in his hands. It's probably the same thing but is it the thing that killed the schizophrenic?
Did Micheal kill the builder's schizophrenic father?
  • Yes Micheal killed him
  • No it was a different aspect of the spiral
  • No it's something other than the man with all the bones in his hands
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• 11/6/2018

not sure if this discussion is still active, but due to the mention of fractals, a man with all the bones in his hand, and the death being caused by slashes in his arm that no murder weapon was ever found for, it sure sounds like michael, or at least some aspect of the spiral that manifests in a humanoid form. in ep 8 it's mentioned that the dad died in 1996. [spoilers till ep 101 after this!!!!] i can't figure out when statement 99 was recorded, or when the events mentioned in 101 happened. either of those dates being after 1996 could help eliminate the possibility it was michael (as assistent michael was still alive in those), but i'm not sure how to find out.

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