In 1965 Agnes, a young girl with mousy hair aged 11 showed up out with Raymond Fielding at his halfway house on Hill Top Road, apparently his daughter. (MAG 8)

In 1973 the house burned down, there was no sign of Agnes but in the basement was Raymond's badly burnt body, missing a hand.

Somewhere around 1991 Agnes began frequenting Canyon Cafe, only ever ordering "One Black Coffee with Room for Milk" but never drinking it.

After she left, servers found her undrunk coffee was always steaming hot, even an hour later.

Over the next decade and a half, a cafe worker, Deliah Aconjo, noted that she appeared not to age at all. Late in October 2006 a muscular asian woman with a tattoo of a man wreathed in flames joined Agnes and unchararacteristly Agnes began to talk with her about a "job". As she left the other woman handed her a mysterious package, possibly full of money, for a "collection"

The next day Jack Barnabas, another cafe worker, approached Agnes and asked for her name apparently surprised, but quick to regain her composure, she very matter of factly told him. Jack then asked her on a date to which she agreed. He went back to work, neglecting to actually make plans together.

At 3pm the next day Agnes knocked on the door of Jacks flat asking if he was ready for their date. They went to (some park or other) and made plans for another date