Alice "Daisy" Tonner is a character that appears in several episodes of the Magnus Archives.

She is a detective that has signed a Section 31 form, meaning that she deals mainly with supernatural cases.


This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot.

She is a huge fan of The Archers, and never misses an episode. (MAG 106).

History Edit

Alice is first mentioned in MAG 43, where it is told that she had been sectioned for spider husks. When a gunshot victim tries to force a gun to his own head, she wrestles it away.

Alice appears again in MAG 61 where she gives her own statement, describing how her first section 31 occurred when she and her partner, Isaac Masters, stopped a Breekon & Hope delivery van that was driving very slowly in the rain on the M6 near Preston. Masters opened the coffin being transported and disappeared down the staircase inside. Tonner was injured and made to sign Section 31.

Alice interrogates Tim, Martin, and Elias in MAG 82 in order to find where Jon was hiding. During these interviews, she threatens to do whatever she must to find Jon. It is during her interview with Elias that it is revealed how she got her nickname "Daisy", after an incident with a friend, Calvin Benchly, left her with a starburst-shaped scar on her back. She later killed Calvin and disposed of the body.

In MAG 88, Basira appears at the beginning of the episode looking for Alice. When she hears that Alice claimed to have "full operational discretion" she becomes distressed and says that she needs to find either Jon or Alice quickly.

Alice finally tracks Jon down in MAG 91, and knocks out and kills Michael Crew. She is only prevented from doing the same to Jon by the arrival of Basira