Breekon & Hope are a delivery company that appear to deal with the esoteric or arcane. They appear to be based in Nottingham, and went into liquidation in 2009 (MAG 2). They appear to have some connection to the Magnus Institute, though the extent is unknown. 

History Edit

1996(?) - Two red faced, 6 foot tall delivery men delivered the coffin to Joshua Gellespie (MAG 2).

1998(?) - The same men picked up the coffin from Joshua Gellespie (MAG 2).

August 2004 - Needs confirmation removed the calliope organ from Leanne Denikin's house (MAG 24).

November 2006 - Delivered pale yellow stole to the Oratory in Oxford (MAG 20).

2009 - Went into liquidation (MAG 2).

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