Georgie Barker knew Jonathan Sims at University, where it seems they dated. According to Jonathan it did not end well, but in 2017 she let him live with her in her apartment while he was suspected of murdering Jurgen Leitner, and at least once during that time lied to the police about his whereabouts (MAG 93).

Georgie is friends with Melanie King, and was the person who put her in touch with Sarah Baldwin. (MAG 28) She enjoys Hungarian food, and laments that none of her friends will eat it with her. She naturally has a slight Scouse accent that she at one point took great pains to hide.

Georgie has a cat called "The Admiral."

History Edit

During her first year of college, she and her friend Alex encountered a group of people in the Medical Sciences Building who were supposedly protesters, but appeared to have all collapsed on the floor. The only person sitting up was a woman that Alex knew as one of the cadavers used in anatomy classes. The dead woman whispered something to Alex, who then joined the rest of the group in lying motionless on the floor. She whispered to Georgie, who tried not to hear, but she was unable to block out the phrase: "The moment that you die will feel exactly the same as this one."

Georgie later woke up in her bed, having been there for several days, and could no longer feel anything. She took a year off from university to recover, and never saw Alex again. (MAG 94)

Due to this experience, Georgie no longer feels fear. She is unsure whether her fear was cauterized or stolen from her.