Gertrude Robinson was the Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute before Jonathan Sims. Sims regards her as untidy and unorganised, and spends much of his time organising the mess that Gertrude left after she passed away.

Death Edit

Gertrude died on 15th May 2015, although exact details of her death are uncertain. Elias said that she "died in the line of duty", although didn't expand on the point (MAG 11). Her death seems to have been prophesied by someone going by the name Antonio Blake. He dreamt of black tendrils growing into people in a shadowy dreamscape, those touched by the tendrils died of an ailment in the location the tendril touched. In one such dream he found a red light quickly pulsing through the tendrils and followed them to the Magnus Institute into a dream version of Gertrude (MAG 11).

Jason North found a clearing near Loch Glass in Scotland with a stone seat or altar in the centre of the space. All around the clearing were milk bottles hung from strings in the trees with pictures of Gertrude in them. The clearing itself heated anything that went in it, boiling water and overheating Jason (MAG 37).

Her death happened on the same day as a disturbance (a scream) reported in Hither Green Chapel, where a cult, possibly the People's Church of the Divine Host, were found by Mark Bilham (MAG 25). It is possible that her fate is tied to, or caused by, the People's Church of the Divine Host, or some denomination of it.

Gertrude's body was found in the winding passages beneath the Archives, where it was revealed that she was killed by a single shot to the chest. She was found in a room surrounded by her own tape recordings. Basira Hussain is in charge of her murder investigation.