Hill Top Road is a place mentioned repeatedly in the cases of The Magnus Archives.

It was the site of a halfway house run by Raymond Fielding in the 1960s, as detailed in MAG 59.

In 2006, Ivo Lensik was hired to help with renovation work on the house, leading to the incidents of MAG 8. Edwin Burroughs, the priest who came to bless the building, gave his own account in MAG 19 & 20.

In 2009, Anya Villette was hired to clean new student housing built on the site, as detailed in MAG 114.

Timeline Edit

<1891 - The house at 108 Hill Top Road is built (MAG 8).

1891 - The house is bought by Walter Fielding, its first recorded owner (MAG 8).

1923 - The house is inherited by Walter’s son Alfred (MAG 8).

1957 - The house is inherited by Alfred’s son Raymond (MAG 8).

1960s - Raymond Fielding uses the house as a halfway house, Agnes moves in, Raymond disappears (mentioned in MAG 8, more details about the halfway house given in MAG 59).

1970 - A toddler living nearby goes missing, and people that Agnes is responsible for his disappearance. The house soon burns down. Raymond Fielding's body is discovered in the ruins (MAG 8).

2006 (mid-November) - The events detailed in MAG 8 occur (Evo Lensik works on the construction of a residential building for a local university, meets a man calling himself Raymond Fielding, and repeatedly smells burning hair).

  • November 23rd: Evo Lensik tears down the tree in the garden, and Edwin Burroughs performs an exorcism of the site (MAG 8, MAG 19 & MAG 20).

2006-2016 - Two families have lived in the house since the events of MAG 8 and have noticed no paranormal happenings (MAG 8).

[2009 (April) - Anya Villette was hired to clean new student housing that had just been built on Hill Top Road. She says she cleaned the house on April 23rd, although when she left it was April 8th again. As she mentions she was dragged through a crack in the basement floor but later woke up in a world where her old friends didn't seem to recognise her and there was no record of her, it is unclear whether these events happened in this universe (MAG 114). She also mentions a tree standing in the backyard similar to the tree Evo Lensik mentions chopping down in 2006 (MAG 8).]