Julia Montauk (Montork) Is the daughter of the serial killer Robert Montauk. She first appears is MAG 9: A Fathers Love where she has given her statement about her father's actions and motivations for the murders he committed when she was a girl.

Appearance and Details Edit

As an adult, Julia is described as being "tall and lean, with close-cropped hair and a scar over her right eye." (MAG 36: Taken Ill). She carries a large canvas bag for at least some of her work.

Because Julia has been stalked by The Dark for most of her life, she maintained a terror of darkness well into adulthood. She took a night job at the suggestion of one of her better counselors. However, she did not overcome her fear of The Dark until apparently aligning with The Hunt.

2010 to Present (Spoilers) Edit

Julia met Trevor Herbert in July 2010, when he saved her from The Dark as it tried to claim her during her shift as a night security guard. Julia and Trevor immediately paired up and have traveled together, hunting monsters, ever since. Although Trevor is a competent solo hunter and teases Julia (which she has no problem returning), he also seems to enjoy deferring to her judgement and preferences in many cases.

The duo was responsible for burning down Ivy Meadows Care Home in July 2011 (MAG 36: Taken Ill). When Trevor tackled mortician Nicole Baxter, Julia instructed him to leave her alone. She later disagreed with Trevor's opinion that they should tell Nicole what was happening, saying that, in this case, running away was a better defense than knowledge.

Julia reappears several years later (June 2017) in MAG 107: Third Degree with the Vampire Killer, Trevor Herbert. She and Trevor kidnap John during an encounter with "Officer Max Musterman." Julia drives with Jonathan in the passenger's seat, while Trevor hides in the boot of the car and incapacitates the monster when it pulls Julia over.

Julia later gives a second statement (with input from Trevor) in MAG 109: Nightfall, giving more details about how the pair first met in July 2010 and how they started working together. She ends by explaining how the two of them ended up traveling around and killing monsters until they illegally ended up in the USA.

In MAG 111: Family Business, it is revealed that the pair somehow obtained a copy of the Book of the Dead which contained the death, and therefore spirit, of Gerard Keay, whom they have apparently been using as a sort of manual/dictionary to help them kill monsters. At the end of this statement, she and Trevor release John to return to England. Due to the illegal nature of their arrival in the USA, it appears the pair are stuck there, though they, at least for the moment, seem unconcerned about the fact, given the impending "Unknowing" scheduled to take place in the U.K.