Jurgen Leitner is a recurring character in The Magnus Archives. He is best known for his library of occult books.


This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot.

Jurgen Leitner was a Scandinavian-born recluse who was big in the literacy scene in the 1990s, custom binding known books, or paying authors to write for him. Upon discovering the existence of the supernatural, he set about collating books in an attempt to protect the world from their effects.

He disappeared around 1995, and is best known for his library.

The Library of Jurgen Leitner Edit

The library was destroyed in 1994 (MAG 4). It was created based on the architecture of Robert Smirke, with sections uniquely designed to hold their "prisoners". Leitner later described all "defences" as pointing inward, making breaking in almost trivial (MAG 80)

It was known for having books on demonology or the arcane. At it's height, the library contained 978 (confirmed?) books (MAG 80).

Known books Edit

For the full list of books mentioned in the series, see List of books.

Possible books Edit

  • The Tale of a Field Hospital - an early version of the book by Frederick Treeves, including several chapters detailing the death and reanimation of a Private Amherst. The book itself served as a vector for many diseases, as evidenced from Joseph Russo's death and putrefaction from a paper-cut sustained from it. Though it once possessed a library sticker, it was mostly torn off (MAG 68).

Timeline Edit

1985 - Jurgen Leitner rents an office in Pall Mall, just above a series of passages designed by Robert Smirke. He continues renting these offices until 1994 (MAG 35).

1987 - Jurgen Leitner asks for Harold Silvana and Rachel Turley to dig a hole beneath 100 Pall Mall. When asked to confirm that he has the owner of the building's permission, Leitner becomes aggressive, and they do not do the job (MAG 35).

1994 - Library of Jurgen Leitner destroyed (MAG 4).

1995 - Jurgen Leitner visits Pinhole Books (MAG 62). Disappeared (MAG 4)

2017 - Jurgen Leitner, living beneath the Magnus Institute, saves Jonathan Sims from the Not-Them, and gives a statement. He is beaten to death by Elias Bouchard (MAG 80).