This is a list of books with powers that have been mentioned and/or encountered in the podcast. It is not yet known how many of these books exist in the world, although Jurgen Leitner mentioned having 978 in his library at its height.

Books Edit

Title/Description Author Language Library of

Jurgen Leitner?

Effect Notes Last seen Affiliated Power
A Disappearance Unknown English Yes Temporary Invisiblity if a few words are read, complete disapearance with out a trace if read from cover to cover. - - Unknown
A Guest For Mr. Spider Unknown English Yes - - - The Web
A Journal of the Plague Year Daniel Defoe English Yes - - - The Corruption
An Introduction to Higher Anatomies Unknown Unknown (presumably English) Yes Unknown Part of the "Yusef case", which lead to Alice Tonner and Basira Hussein being familiar with Leitner by name. - Unknown
Book of the Dead Unknown Various No Fills in the date of and details for the death of the reader, always gruesome and will move the date closer if the reader keeps checking his or her page. - - The End
Dig Unknown English Yes Dig DIG Last known owner was Enrique MacMillan in November 2003. Currently held in Artefact Storage in a welded-shut box. Dig. The Buried
Ex Altiora Unknown Latin Yes - - - The Vast
Skin book Unknown Sanskrit Yes - - - Unknown
Small book bound in red Unknown Unknown Connected in some way to the Lightless Flame/Asag. Exact effect unknown. - In the possession of Diego Molina, December 2011. The Desolation
The Boneturner's Tale Unknown English Yes - - - The Flesh
The Key of Solomon 1863 Unknown English Yes Unknown. Contains "elements of several different powers". Previously owned by MacGregor Mathews. Purchased on ebay by Gertrude Robinson in 2007.

One recovered section reads: “They have for adversaries the Satariel, or concealers, the Demons of absurdity, of

intellectual inertia, and of Mystery.”

Burned by Jurgen Leitner, 2015. Unknown
The Seven Lamps of Architecture John Ruskin English Yes - - - Unknown
The Stalwart Hunters' Almanac Unknown English Yes - - - Unknown
The Tale of a Field Hospital Sir Frederick Treves English - - - - The Corruption
Sanskrit poetry book about dead animals Unknown Sanskrit Yes Small animal bones fall from its pages. "Quite unremarkable" according to Mary Keay. Stolen from under Reform Club by Gerard Keay in 2002. Sold by Mary Keay to Jurgen Leitner but returned to her after the library attack. Last seen November 2012. Unknown
Dictionnaire Infernal Jacques de Plancy Unknown Unknown. Sought after by Michael Crew in 1998 ("the older the better") and a copy purchased from Lion Street Books Owned by Michael Crew, 1998. Unknown