This is a list of books with powers that have been mentioned and/or encountered in the podcast. It is not yet known how many of these books exist in the world, although Jurgen Leitner mentioned having 978 in his library at its height.

Books Edit

Title/Description Author Language Library of

Jurgen Leitner?

Effect Notes Last seen
A Disappearance Unknown English Yes If read cover to cover, it removes the reader from the world. Reading one or two words can hide the reader from sight. Caused the disappearance of Jacob Feng, an assistant of Leitner, who was never seen again. Owned by Jurgen Leitner, February 2017
A Guest For Mr. Spider Unknown English Yes Compels the reader to keep reading and walk towards the lair of a giant spider like being, presumably to be devoured. First Leitner book and occurence of the supernatural encountered by Jonathan Sims, during the latter's childhood. Stolen by an unnamed bully from Jonathan Sims, sometime during the 90s.
A Journal of a Plague Year Daniel Defoe English Yes Unknown The book Leitner was cataloguing when his library was attacked Library of Jurgen Leitner, 1994
An Introduction to Higher Anatomies Unknown Unknown (presumably English) Yes Unknown Part of the "Yusef case", which lead to Alice Tonner and Basira Hussein being familiar with Leitner by name. Unknown
Book of the dead Unknown Various No Predicts and catalogues the future death of the reader in gruesome detail. Cause of death appears to change and date of death draws closer every time it is re-read. Opens with the quote: "Life is a current which cannot be fought. It is a march with one destination. You cannot cease your step nor move your course to one that skirts the journey's termination." and below it, a handwritten message: "YOU HAVE ALREADY READ TOO MUCH". In possession of Masato Murray, December 2003.
Dig Unknown English Yes Dig DIG Last known owner was Enrique MacMillan in November 2003. Currently held in Artefact Storage in a welded-shut box. Dig.
Ex Altiora Unknown Latin Yes Gives the reader an acute sense of vertigo while reading, accompanied with a faint smell of ozone. Between its arrival at Lion Street Books and coming into Dominic Swain's possession, a picture of a vast starless sky appeared within its pages. Burned by Gerard Keay, November 2012.
Skin book Unknown Sanskrit Yes Pages are made from human skin and when the writing is recited the person will appear in front of the reader. Gertrude Robinson was given a page from this book, written in English, by Mary Keay in July 2008. The page's subject is unknown. In the possession of Mary Keay, July 2008.
Small book bound in red Unknown Unknown Connected in some way to the Lightless Flame/Asag. Exact effect unknown. In the possession of Diego Molina, December 2011.
The Boneturner's Tale Unknown English Yes Exact effect unknown, but after a time appears to distort the reader's appearance and give them control over the structure of bones. Given to Chiswick Library in 1996 by Michael Crew.

Either written from the perspective of a pilgrim in The Canterbury Tales or somebody following them on their pilgrimage.- The Bonesmith. Includes unnerving details like how the cook would stare at the pardoner as he did with the meat he prepared. On page 16 it reads "and from his rib a flute to play that merry tune of marrow took" as the bonesmith kills the miller.

Stolen by Jared Hopworth, October 1996
The Key of Solomon 1863 Unknown English Yes Unknown. Contains "elements of several different powers". Previously owned by MacGregor Mathews. Purchased on ebay by Gertrude Robinson in 2007.

One recovered section reads: “They have for adversaries the Satariel, or concealers, the Demons of absurdity, of

intellectual inertia, and of Mystery.”

Burned by Jurgen Leitner, 2015.
The Seven Lamps of Architecture John Ruskin English Yes Gives a sense of walls pressing in around you. May physically entomb reader Published in 1845, a year before Ruskin supposedly started writing the book. Interacts differently with Robert Smirke's architecture and allows the reader a degree of control. Owned by Jurgen Leitner, February 2017.
The Stalwart Hunters' Almanac Unknown English Yes Unknown. May cause bodily mutilation akin to deaths described in the book. Desmond Lorell was found dead after describing passages of the book to Leitner, in a manner consistent with the sections read. Passed on to Jurgen Leitner, 1980s?
The Tale of a Field Hospital Sir Frederick Treves English Sharp pages which, if they injure the holder, cause death and rapid putrefaction. Similar to the "official" version of the book, but with added passages chronicling Treves' encounters with John Amherst. Presumably burned by Gertrude Robinson, June 2003.
Poems about dying animals Unknown Sanskrit Yes Small animal bones fall from its pages. "Quite unremarkable" according to Mary Keay. Stolen from under Reform Club by Gerard Keay in 1992. Sold by Mary Keay to Jurgen Leitner but returned to her after the library attack. Last seen November 2012.
Dictionnaire Infernal Jacques de Plancy Unknown Unknown. Sought after by Michael Crew in 1998 ("the older the better") and a copy purchased from Lion Street Books Owned by Michael Crew, 1998.