Pre-Statement Events Edit

Jonathan Simms is given the Book of the Dead by Julia Montauk and Trevor Herbert in which he is instructed to read the last page. The pair leaves the room and Jon starts to read the last entry, an account of the death of Gerard Keay.

Once finished Gerard appears, summoned by Jon. At first, Gerard is uninterested in talking to Jon. He has been used repeatedly by Julia and Trevor as a:

'... bloody monster manual' - Gerard Keay, MAG 111
Jon introduces himself and Gerard asks when Gertrude died. He was pleased for Gertrude, that her ending hadn't been peaceful as she supposedly wouldn't have wanted to go quietly. Jon then asks Gerard to help him stop The Unknowing but Gerard initially refuses. He has become increasingly frustrated and depressed with his new existence as a book and has no interest in helping Jon.

Jon asks him what it is he wants. Gerard bargains with Jon, saying that if he takes his page from the book and destroys it, thus permanently ending his 'life', then he will give Jon everything he knows about what Gertrude had been planning and about The Unknowing. Jon agrees and tears out the page.

Gerard begins to recount everything he knows about The Unknowing. Apparently, whilst the ritual could be delayed, there was to completely stop it as everything could be replaced. But once the ritual has started, he and Gertrude believed that it might be vulnerable, meaning it could be disrupted and thus stopped. Whilst Gerard didn't know what it could be vulnerable too, he was able to tell Jon about a storage unit where Gertrude had hidden something that she thought could do it.

The pair discusses Gertrude and the abilities both she and Jon display from being Archivists. The conversation moves onto Gerard's mother, Mary Keay, and Gerard talks about how she was driven, wanting to start a mystic dynasty, a family to worship the occult. He mentions how the Lukas Family is an example of one such dynasty, a family which worships The Lonely.

As the conversation focuses more on Gerard and his relationship with his mother, Jon asks if he would be willing to give a statement.

Statement Edit