Thomas Neill worked under Neil Thompson, who was looking into ways to cure Malaria, specifically in making a blood substitute that attracts mosquitos more than people. They have thousands of mosquitos at the lab that they use for testing. the blood substitute, dubbed 'haemoglobish', is stored in a bag which has a similar texture to human skin, and even has human hair implanted in it.

In 98% of cases, the lure worked, but funding started to dry up (although Neil may have claimed this due to gambling debts). Neil was descended from the 19th century physician John Snow and had a Victorian syringe that John had once owned. In order to pay his debts and raise funds, Neil decided to sell it. The buyer of the syringe is Mikaele Salesa, where he and Neil exchanged the item and payment in the Three Greyhounds pub in Soho.

After the syringe was sold, strange things started happening around the lab. It became unbearably hot, and the mosquitos stopped buzzing around their cage, instead waiting on the cage itself. Those working in the lab couldn't find a reason for this sudden change in behaviour. When the blood bags were placed in their cages they would swarm with a new ferocity onto the bags. George Larson, one of the lab technicians, removed one of the blood bags and accidentally dropped it. Instead of the heamoglobish, the bag contained human O-negative blood infected with malaria, yellow fever and an unlimited number of other diseases. The lab was locked down to be decontaminated.

Neil became enraged, grabbing a fire extinguisher, he charged into the mosquito cages in an attempt to kill them, as though he blamed them for the recent problems at the lab. The mosquitos swarmed on him, sending him immidiately into shock before killing him.

Thomas was given a glowing recommendation by the facility, and he managed to land a lab tech job at King's College, which involved working with students.

Post-Statement Follow-Up Edit

Tim wasn't able to find anything about this statement from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Thomas died on 30th May 2010, although Jonathan Sims is not aware of his cause of death, his house was full of pills, so it must have been something very unpleasant.

Sasha got a copy of Neil's death certificate, which listed his death as blood loss and death by misadventure.

Supplement Edit

Jonathan wonders why Tim is working at the Institute: he had a first in Anthropology from Trinity College and worked at a publishing house for 5 years. Then, for no adequately explained reason, he joined the Magnus Institute. Why would he stay after the siege of Jane Prentiss? Martin interrupted the supplement, and Jonathan decided to record the supplements somewhere more private.

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