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Mag 28: SkintightEdit

Melanie King has a YouTube channel, Ghost Hunt UK, where she goes into haunted buildings or sites with scientific equipment in order to look for ghost and evidence thereof. In January 2015, Melanie, her co-host Andy Kane, her sound engineer Peter Warhol and Antonio Fallon  but Peter pulled out, Nelanie contacted a friend, Georgie Barker, asking for help finding a replacement and was put in contact with Sarah Baldwin

On the night of the "investigation" they picked Sarah up and drove to Aldershot, Sarah smoked the whole of the 2 hour journey but underneath the smell of cigarettes Melanie could smell something sweet and floral When they arrived at the Cambridge Medical Hospitalthey came across some grafiti saying "Silk will not stitch the butcher's meat"

They set up camp in the CMH and took turns taking watch. Sarah was on watch 2-4am, during which she walked off, Melanie awoke around 3 and decided to go looking for her.

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