Melanie King is a former ghost hunter who became affiliated with the Magnus Institute at the end of MAG 63.

First Statement Edit

Melanie King was the host of a YouTube channel, Ghost Hunt UK, where she and her team went into haunted buildings or sites with scientific equipment in order to look for ghosts and evidence thereof.

In January 2015, Melanie's friend Georgie Barker put her in contact with Sarah Baldwin as a replacement for the group's sound engineer for an investigation of Cambridge Medical Hospital. After the events of that night, she gave a statement to Jonathan Sims.

Work with The Magnus Institute Edit

At some point after the aforementioned incident, Ghost Hunt UK folded, and she began doing independent research at the Institute. Her focus was searching out hauntings and incidents that were not considered "safe" by other paranormal researchers, predicting that those would be far more likely to be "real." (MAG 63)

After being shot by a ghost in India, Elias offered her the job recently vacated by Not-Sasha. Despite a warning from Martin, she began working full-time for the Institute as an archival assistant. (MAG 84).