The End is one of several powers called The Entities that influence our world. The End's sphere of influence includes death and the fear of death, cruel and unstoppable. One artefact dedicated to it is able to bind and call ghosts (MAG 62). Mary Keay felt unable to truly serve The End, as she finds singular devotion too restrictive.

Associated characters Edit

  • 1955: Dr. Margaret Tellison, a physician who used a book dedicated to The End to trap spirits or ghosts for financial gain. (MAG 62)
  • 1775 - 1972: Nathaniel Thorp, a soldier in the Revolutionary War, is at the Battle of Bunker Hill, and flees after being shot. He finds himself confronted by Death, and gambles his life on a game of Faro. After cheating to ensure his victory, Nathaniel finds himself cursed to wander the world, ending lives as the personification of Death for almost 200 years (MAG 29)
  • A Mummy is found in an ancient undiscovered tomb in Eastern Egypt following the unlicensed dig Donna Gwynne took part in. Like Nathaniel Thorp, this Mummy was an ancient personification of death unable to die as evidenced by it's ability to move and seemly attack Donna and her team. It attempted to try and end it's own suffering by stabbing it'self in the "heart" with Donnas knife and was unsuccessful. The only objects buried in the tomb with the Mummy were a several ancient dice carved from bone. (MAG 64)
  • 2014: Basira Hussain and Alice Tonner respond to a call on July 14th, 2014 at a flat in Kensington where gunshots were heard. Upon entering the flat they found a man who had been repeatedly shot in the face at close range. Upon approaching the man he lurched forward, somehow still living grabbing a gun and pointed it at his head. Alice wrestled the gun away from the man and he was taken away by paramedics. This may in fact be Nathaniel Thorp attempting to finally end his life, or another similar "immortal" ex-personfication of Death. (MAG 43)