This page contains spoiler-intensive information about the plot and setting of the Magnus Archives.

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There are several entities who exist outside our reality, and cannot exist within it properly--but they can change the world's rules to make their things possible. It's their interference which makes the supernatural happen. Each entity has a name, usually more than one way to reference it and its concept, and all supernatural manifestations are examples of these beings' influence at work. Some people can become attached to an entity and become empowered by it--gaining supernatural abilities related to their patron, but losing some or all of their humanity in the process.

Some entities seem to have a manifestation of themselves that has enough power to move about in the world, wreaking their brand of 'magic' on the way.

Lastly, most of the tomes of Jurgen Leitner are manifestations of the entities, a 'purer form', according to Leitner.

Named Entities Edit

  • The Spider Also known as The Web. Manifests as spiders and spider webs and patterns like spider webs. Often trap people. Often use mind control.
  • The Desolation
    • The entity which empowers the Cult of the Lightless Flame. The cult's members are enriched by destroying the lives of people who had things to live for, destroying things before their potential is realized. In exchange, the cult members can create heat--but not fire--and gain the ability to make their skin run like wax.
  • The Spiral
    • Also known as Esmentiaras. The Distortion also known as 'Michael' is a manifestation of this entity.
  • The End
    • So far a less-described entity. It has something to do with death and one tome dedicated to the End has been shown to be able to call up ghosts.
  • The Flesh Hive
    • The patron of Jane Prentiss. Maybe the same entity that manifests as disease and insects.
  • The Stranger
    • Manifests as objects pretending to be humans, like mannequinns and taxidermied people. The NotThem is an aspect of it. Seems to be an enemy of Beholding. The Stranger's forces are trying to perform a great working called the Unknowing, to rewrite the world's rules to something closer to the Stranger's nature, allowing it greater influence in this reality.
  • The Vast
    • The patron of Michael Crew. Its effects involve void, vertigo, and falling.
  • Beholding
    • Also known as the Eye and the Watcher. The patron of the Archives, the Beholding seeks to understand, to witness, to know. The staff of the Magnus Institute unknowingly or not, gain some power from it. They attune to the Beholding by reading statements and witnessing paranormal events and eventually comprehending them. The Head Archivist, knowingly or not, has the power to compel people to tell all they know about an incident, in extreme detail. It's a subtle effect, but it causes the statements to be so detailed and so introspective. The current head of the Institute has demonstrated the ability to, with some effort, observe from afar and to know the details of people's past.
  • The Buried
    • Claustrophobia and the underground and dust. Focused in North America
  • The Hunt
    • Hunting and chase and violence. May also be focused in North America.

Possible entities Edit

To be transferred to the above list once they are confirmed to be real entities. Will be merged with existing entity descriptions as becomes needed.

  • One entity has something to do with darkness. Has a creature which makes electric lights die and water foul as it comes nearby. Connected with The People's Church of the Divine Host.
  • One entity that manifests as disease, decay, illness, and insects. May be the Flesh Hive, or the Flesh Hive may be a very specific manifestation of this. Maybe called the Filth.
  • One entity that has to do with meat and cannibalism. Maybe called the Butcher, or perhaps the Viscera.
  • One entity that has to do with isolation and people being trapped in worlds where they are alone. Connected with the Lukas family. Might be part of The Vast instead of a separate entity.
  • One entity that has to do with frenzied violence. Often involves pipe music. Maybe called the Piper.