The Entities are several beings who exist outside our reality that feed off fear. Each entity has a name, usually more than one way to reference it and its concept. They cannot exist within reality properly, but can sometimes change the world's rules to come through in another form. It is through this interference which makes the supernatural happen in our reality. These aspects can someimtes take the form of people, animals, monsters, or books.

People Edit

Some humans can become attached to an Entity and become empowered by it, gaining supernatural abilities related to their patron, but losing some or all of their humanity in the process.

Animals Edit

Aspects of the Entities can appear as animals, such as the Monster Pig (MAG 103).

Books Edit

According to Jugen Leitner, books contain a ‘purer‘ essence of the Entities. They appear as regular books, can appear as any language or content, but with a distinct feel of being special or wrong. If these types of books are read to completion, they will usually cause the reader to go through gruseome end.

Others Edit

Some entities seem to have a manifestation of themselves that has enough power to move about in the world, wreaking their brand of 'magic' on the way.


This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot.

Fears Made ManifestEdit

In Episode 111, Gerard Keay gives us a wealth of information about the entities, including the 14 classifications used by Robert Smirke to identify each of the entities.

These entities do not feed off of our fear, rather they are our fears made manifest. “These things... these forces, they are our fear. Deep fears. Primordial. Always looking for ways to grow and spread.” Not all their actions inspire fear, they are simply a part of the process, method to cause it. 

These classifications are much like colours, infinity fears that can be grouped into a few categories - each entity can be separated to some degree, but the fears bleed/feed into one another around the edges, and within each entity are different shades of the same hue. This also works to explain why some entities oppose one another, their colours ‘clash’ like red and green or blue and yellow.

“Like colours, but if colours hated me” 
   - Jonathan Sims, Head Archivist, Episode 111

Each entity has its own ‘ritual’, something that, if completed, will change the very nature of reality, allowing the entity to merge, to further and more completely exert its will and nature upon our reality. These ritual has the potential to bring other closely-tied entities along with it. It requires centuries for each Entity to build up the power needed for its ritual, and if it is stopped, it cannot try again until it rebuilds that power base.

Smirke's ListEdit

Robert Smirke categorized all the disparate entities into 14 main categories. Each Entity is comprised of a variety of smaller terrors, some direct, some abstract, and some tend to bleed over between one Entity and the next. Whilst fears do change and are subject to place, time and culture, it is thought that they have remained fairly stable since the industrial revolution.

The Eye (The Beholding, The Watcher)Edit

  • This entity is fear of being watched, exposed, followed, of having secrets known, but also the drive to know and understand, even if your discoveries might destroy you. Fear that you’re suffering for the sake of something watching.
  • The Eye's ritual is called "The Watcher's Crown."

The Spiral (The Distortion; Esmentiras)Edit

  • This entity is fear of madness, that your world isn’t right, that your mind is lying to you. It deals with deception, lying, decieving the mind and senses.

The LonelyEdit

  • The fear of isolation, of being completely cut off and alone. Fear of being disconnected.

The EndEdit

  • This entity deals in the fear of death itself, cruel and unstoppable.

The Stranger (The Uncanny, the Unknown, The Circus)Edit

  • Fear of the unknown. That creeping sense that something isn’t right.
  • Manifests as objects pretending to be humans, like mannequins and taxidermied people.
  • Its ritual is called "The Unknowing."

The Desolation (The Lightless Flame)Edit

  • This entity deals in fear of pain, of loss, burning, fear of unthinking or cruel destruction.
  • Acolytes are enriched by destroying the lives of people who had things to live for, destroying things before their potential is realized. In exchange, the cult members can create heat--but not fire--and gain the ability to make their skin run like wax.

The SlaughterEdit

  • This entity feeds off of pure, unpredictable, unmotivated violence. Strong ties to war. Fear of not knowing, where, how, when or if pain will come but that it will. Can be violent like a frenzied killer or calm and regimented like soldiers firing on the battlefield.

The VastEdit

  • This entity deals in our fear of our own insignificance in this universe. Losing yourself in too much space.
  • Its effects involve void, vertigo, and falling, but also anything to do with openness and open spaces, fears like Agoraphobia, fear of deep water.

The BuriedEdit

  • The fear of claustrophobia, small spaces, of being unable to breathe and the underground and dust. Being at the centre of everything and it is all pushing down. Fear of being trapped without enough space.
  • Focused in North America

The DarkEdit

  • A manifestation of our very primal fear of the dark, of what lies beyond what we can sense. What might be in it? One of the oldest of the Entities.

The CorruptionEdit

  • This entity is linked closely to our feelings of disgust, of feeling revulsion and fear of corruption, disease, filth.
  • Manifests as mould, bugs, rot, decay, infection. The feeling of your skin crawling.

The Web (The Spider)Edit

  • Deals with fear of being controlled, entrapped, being trapped and not knowing it, and your will not being your own, of being manipulated. 
  • Manifests as spiders and spider webs and patterns like spider webs.

The FleshEdit

  • The Flesh is thought to be the newest of the 14, born from the fear of animals bred for meat.
  • Manifests as strange bodies being twisted, reshaped, and butchered.

The HuntEdit

  • Hunting and chase and violence, this is an animalistic fear, very old and primal, though less able to affect people due to our self removal from the food chain. Fear of being hunted, being prey.
  • May also be focused in North America.