The Lucas family are recurring people in the Cases of The Magnus Archives. They are a major source of funding for the Magnus Institute. They appear to be very wealthy, as they own or fund various companies or ventures, including the Tundra cargo ship (MAG 33).

They seem to frequently be connected to various supernatural events involving isolation and loneliness. They have a family house, Moorland House, in Kent where they have their own graveyard. A piece of one of the gravestones was picked up by Naomi Herne, which had the word "Forgotten" on it, and the team were unable to trace its origin. (MAG 13)

Known Members Edit

Peter Lucas Edit

Peter Lucas was the captain of the ship The Tundra (MAG 33).

Evan Lucas Edit

Evan Lucas was the sociable fiancé to Naomi Herne who worked as a lab technician. He was estranged from his family. They fell in love shortly after meeting, and Naomi felt a strange pang of loss whenever he was away. He died on 22nd March 2015 from a congenital heart problem (MAG 13).

Nathaniel LucasEdit

Nathaniel Lucas was one of the major investors in the Stratosphere Group, which carried out experiments on the effects of isolation on their privately owned Daedalus Space Station (MAG 57).