What is the Magnus Archives?Edit

The Magnus Archives is a fictional podcast by Rusty Quill. In it, Head Archivist Jonathan Sims recites esoteric and possibly supernatural written statements onto tapes before they are investigated by his colleagues, Martin, Sasha and Tim. Sinister plot threads span across the tapes, hinting at underlying malevolence towards the Institute and its members.

The Magnus Archives Wikia is an online repository for the articles discussed in The Magnus Archives. The aim of this archive is to draw connections between the statements as recorded by Jonathan Sims, Head Archivist of The Magnus Institute.

An extremely helpful Timeline is kept up to date with the latest episodes, and generally this wiki is updated within the week of an episode being released. Please feel free to edit or update the wiki, or add pages with common themes. However, please stick to the facts of the podcasts and avoid conjecture where possible.

If you have any questions about the wiki, please contact Spooniermist here, or on the RQG proboards.



MAG 1: Angler Fish MAG 2: Do Not Open MAG 3: Across the Street
MAG 4: Page Turner MAG 5: Thrown Away MAG 6: Squirm
MAG 7: The Piper MAG 8: Burned Out MAG 9: A Father's Love

MAG 10: Vampire Killer

MAG 11: Dreamer MAG 12: First Aid
MAG 13: Alone MAG 14: Piecemeal MAG 15: Lost John's Cave
MAG 16: Arachnophobia MAG 17: The Boneturner's Tale MAG 18: The Man Upstairs
MAG 19: Confession MAG 20: Desecrated Host MAG 21: Freefall
MAG 22: Colony MAG 23: Schwartzwald MAG 24: Strange Music
MAG 25: Growing Dark MAG 26: A Distortion MAG 27: A Sturdy Lock
MAG 28: Skintight MAG 29: Cheating Death MAG 30: Killing Floor
MAG 31: First Hunt MAG 32: Hive MAG 33: Boatswain's Call
MAG 34: Anatomy Class MAG 35: Old Passages MAG 36: Taken Ill
MAG 37: Burnt Offering MAG 38: Lost and Found MAG 39: Infestation
MAG 40: Human Remains
MAG 41: Too Deep MAG 42: Grifter's Bone MAG 43: Section 31
MAG 44: Tightrope MAG 45: Blood Bag MAG 46: Literary Heights
MAG 47: The New Door MAG 47: Lost in the Crowd MAG 49: The Butchers Window
MAG 50: Foundation MAG 51: High Pressure MAG 52: Exceptional Risk
MAG 53: Crusader MAG 54: Still Life MAG 55: Pest Control
MAG 56: Children of the Night MAG 57: Personal Space MAG 58: Trail Rations
MAG 59: Recluse MAG 60: Observer Effect MAG 61: Hard Shoulder
MAG 62: First Edition MAG 63: The End of the Tunnel MAG 64: Burial Rites
MAG 65: Binary MAG 66: Held in Customs MAG 67: Burning Desire
MAG 68: The Tale of a Field Hospital MAG 69: Thought for the Day MAG 70: Book of the Dead
MAG 71: Underground MAG 72: Takeaway MAG 73: Police Lights
MAG 74: Fatigue MAG 75: A Long Way Down MAG 76: The Smell of Blood
MAG 77: The Kind Mother MAG 78: Distant Cousin MAG 79: Hide and Seek
MAG 80: The Librarian
MAG 81: A Guest for Mr. Spider MAG 82: The Eyewitnesses MAG 83: Drawing A Blank
MAG 84: Possessive MAG 85: Upon the Stair MAG 86: Tucked In
MAG 87: The Uncanny Valley MAG 88: Dig MAG 89: Twice as Bright
MAG 90: Body Builder MAG 91: The Coming Storm MAG 92: Nothing Beside Remains

Recurring Characters Edit

Jonathan Sims Martin Blackwood Sasha James Tim Stoker Elias Bouchard
Jurgen Leitner Gerard Kaey Breekon & Hope Jane Prentiss Gertrude Robinson
Sarah Baldwin The Lucas Family Michael Crew 'Michael' Jared Hopworth

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