The Magnus Institute is an institution which is dedicated to the esoteric and paranormal and is based in Chelsea, London (MAG 26). It was established in 1818 by Jonah Magnus and is currently run by Elias Bouchard. The Institute is also patroned by other groups such as the Lucas Family (MAG 33). They are not - and they would like to make this clear - paranormal investigators, they are researchers dedicated to revealing knowledge of the unknown. In spite of that, there are many unknowns about the Institute itself.

The library of the Institute is very well organised. The Archive is not.

"Audio. Vigilo. Opperior." are the words on the crest of the Magnus Institute, which roughly translates to "Listening. Watching. Waiting."

The Magnus Archive is a collection of all the historical reports researched by the researchers at the Institute. It is, at present, horrendously disorganised due to the (in)action of Gertrude Robinson, the previous Head Archivist. At present, Jonathan Sims is the Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute.

Staff Edit

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