The Stranger is an otherworldly power that tends to emulate things that are almost human, but not quite.

It is the power that encompasses many aspects such as the NotThem, the Circus of the Other, and Breekon & Hope. In addition, an "Angler Fish" in Edinburgh harvests victims in order to supply skin to use as a disguise.

Characters Edit

The NotThem Edit

The NotThem is a creature or several creatures. A NotThem will kill a person and then take over the life of the victim. They will not look like the victim they have killed, but photos and memories of the victim will change to match the appearenace of the NotThem. Some photos and some people's memories are immune to this change.

The NotThem appears in MAG 3, MAG 39, MAG 77, MAG 78 and MAG 79. In addition NotSasha is a recurring character is season 2.

Breekon & Hope Edit

Breekon & Hope is a delivery company. It seems to consist of two delivery men that drive around in a van, delivering strange items.

In MAG 2 they deliver a strange coffin. In MAG 61 the van is stopped by the police and they are transporting the same coffin. In MAG 20 they deliver a stole. In MAG 78 they pick up a table. In MAG 36 they deliver the table to the institute as well as a lighter. They are probably the men that own the van in MAG 83. They are probably the delivery men visiting the taxidermy shop in MAG 54. They might be the men who took the red calliope in MAG 24.

Tom Edit

Tom appears in MAG 61 driving with Breekon & Hope.

He is probably the same Tom that is the boyfriend of NotSasha mentioned in MAG 52, MAG 56 and MAG 69. Jonathan thinks the photographs of Tom and NotSasha don’t look right, that they look like stock photos. Not-Sasha says Tom works for the wax museum she visits.  

The Angler Fish Edit

The Angler Fish is a creature that imitates a man in order to lure victims closer. Appears in MAG 1 and is probably the creature in the taxidermy shop in MAG 54.

Daniel Rawlings Edit

Daniel Rawlings was a victim of the Angler Fish. (MAG 1)  A Daniel Rawlings is the owner of the Trophy Room, a taxidermy shop. This Daniel does not look like the missing Daniel except the color of their hair. His eyes are empty and glassy like the taxidermined animals in his shop. (MAG 54)

Sarah Baldwin Edit

Sarah Baldwin was a victim of the Angler Fish. (MAG 1). She later appeared in MAG 28 where she peels back the skin of her arm and staples it.

Megan Shaw Edit

Megan Shaw was a victim of the Angler Fish. (MAG 1) She is probably the same Megan that appears in MAG 87.     

Appearances Edit

MAG 1, MAG 3, MAG 20, MAG 24, MAG 28, MAG 39, MAG 40, MAG 44, MAG 54, MAG 61, MAG 77, MAG 78, MAG 79, MAG 80, MAG 83, MAG 87

Possible Appearances Edit

MAG 34, MAG 48, MAG 85

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