Timothy Stoker is a researcher at The Magnus Institute, London. He helps Jonathan Sims with the archived statements by looking into the details of various cases. He may have used Institute funds to woo a medical professional in the past (MAG 3).

History Edit

Tim did some research into Breekon & Hope and found that they had been liquidated in 2009 (MAG 2).

He looked into Amy Patel's medical conditions, finding she had nothing outstanding (MAG 3).

Tim found that after Mary Keay's death, her flesh had been written over in Sanskrit, a script similar to that found in her Leitner book (MAG 4).

He interviewed Anika Suma about the events at 105 Hill Top Road (MAG 8)

Tim looked into the facts of the statement of the supposed Antonio Blake, discovering that Antonio is a fake name, as are all the contact details given by him (MAG 11).

He tried to find Lee Rentoul, who appears to have disappeared in early April 2011. Tim discovered that Rentoul's landlord went to clear his flat, finding it empty except for hundreds of cardboard boxes, presumably containing Lee's body parts (MAG 14).

Tim obtained a copy of the video recording Laura Popham made during her descent into Lost John's Cave. He also contacted the CNCC for more details on this case (MAG 15).

He asked around butchers in Wandsworth to see who had been giving Toby Carlisle the meat that coated the inside of his apartment but was able to find no information on the matter, so where, and how, Carlisle got it remains a mystery (MAG 18).

Tim looked into accidents and incidents in Doncaster after Robert Kelly's disappearance and talked to Joseph Tuse about a parachute bag that landed in his field (MAG 21).

He is reminded of traveling circuses in Europe when looking into the case of the red calliope that was owned by Nikolai Denikin (MAG 24).

Tim was out for lunch during Jane Prentiss's attack and was absent when the others barricaded themselves inside the safe room (MAG 39). He was rescued by Sasha James and attempted to escape alongside Sims and Martin Blackwood, but became separated from the latter. He and Sims were both attacked by Prentiss, but was saved by the deployment of the CO2 system (MAG 40).

He was placed on break along side of Sims following the attack (MAG 41) and took Sims' subsequent paranoia the worst of the researchers. He, along with the others, confronted Sims over his increasingly erratic behaviour (MAG 60), but relations between Tim and Sims did not improve. This came to a head in an argument where Tim demanded sympathy, having faced the same hardships, but was told that Sims still could not trust him. When Tim attempted to quit, he realised that he was somehow being compelled to stay (MAG 65).